About Us

SHEDX is a small workshop located in Sydney, born out of boredom with the current offerings from major manufacturers and the lack of performance after market builds available.

Over the years the SHEDX boys have ridden, raced and fallen off a broad range of bikes from the Z1 and Commando’s of their distant youth to today’s current sports bikes and lot’s in between.

We believe there is no right or wrong bike to ride; we started to build bikes for ourselves, we wanted something different, something that has individual character and is capable of mixing it on the twisty stuff or an occasional track day.

Along the way we discovered people liked what we do... from there, well who knows… as we say if you enjoy building it, you’re going to enjoy riding it.

Take a look around, check out what’s new on Facebook and enjoy. Get in touch if you see something you like or you just want some info and perhaps we can help you put that dream bike you always wanted together.